LYNX takes dark humour to new heights to show the power of fragrance

Humour has historically been one of Lynx’s strongest assets. However, over the last decade, that message has gradually become diluted and flat. A change was necessary to regain entertainment value and to be attractive, especially for our main target: Gen Z boys.

So we teamed up with the irreverent director Lionel Goldstein to launch «The Power of a Fragrance». A campaign that taps into the rising trend of dark humor seen on streaming channels, such as Netflix and others.

The campaign features two films, «Robbery» and «Funeral» in which the scent of LYNX Blue Lavender from the New Fine Fragrance Collection sets off an entirely unexpected chain of events.

The campaign goes live in cinemas and online across the UK and Turkey, as well as in various Latin American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Uruguay.

“Lynx’s new darkly comic ads shine with crazy plots and unhinged performances