Wall’s revolutionises its most iconic media to launch The Solar Priceboard

In Pakistan, ice cream lovers are facing a huge enemy: power cuts. While other products can get cold again, once an ice cream melts, it’s lost forever. To help shopkeepers cope with the daily power cuts, Wall’s decided to change its most effective media for the first time in over 100 years. And that’s how the ice cream priceboard became the Solar Priceboard. 

Equipped with double solar panels, an internal battery and an automatic switcher, the Solar Priceboard stores enough energy to power up a freezer for around 6 hours per charging cycle. So every time the power goes off, the battery automatically switches on, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Each unit is capable of producing over 675,000 watts per year, providing shopkeepers with a sustainable source of clean energy that works independently from the overloaded electrical grid. 

The Solar Priceboard is part of Wall’s wider sustainable initiatives, which include energy-efficiency cabinets, solar ice cream carts and solar energy farms across 14 markets. So this summer happiness won’t melt away.

Wall’s transforms a classic advertising vehicle into a source of energy