Persil plays the villain in our touching short film, starring Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka

To promote Persil’s new capsules, we created a touching three-minute film starring Arsenal and England star Bukayo Saka. The story follows the journey of a young Arsenal fan whose prized shirt, signed by his idol, falls victim to an unexpected villain – Persil’s new capsules with first-time stain removal.

But every great film, deserves a poster…or seven. That’s why we teased the film with a hand-crafted poster campaign all over North London, featuring a little secret…

Seven of the posters bore the authentic signature of Saka, turning our outdoor advertising into highly sought-after collector’s items.

The initiative was unveiled through social media channels, igniting excitement among fans who eagerly scoured the streets for these prized posters, echoing the journey of our young protagonist in the short film’s narrative.

Hoards of Arsenal fans descend on North London in hunt for unique Bukayo Saka memorabilia