Find Your Summer Find Your Summer

Magnum finds glimmers of sunshine in winter

Freezing. Wintry. Icy. It’s 3:14 pm in the city when, suddenly, a shimmer of warmth emerges, just when needed. Like a bite of summer in the cold winter.

Our latest campaign, «Find Your Summer» with a film directed by Juan Cabral, encourages everyone to seek out those small, narrow, and fleeting moments of sunshine amid the harsh winter and relish them while enjoying a Magnum.

The film is accompanied by out-of-home, shot by Ale Burset, and digital out-of-home that will identify specific locations using weather data, where moments of summer can be found. These geo-located spots allow customers to literally find their summer and enjoy a Magnum.

Magnum’s Artsy Film Reimagines Ice Cream

as a Winter Treat