What if reality were just a bite away?

Magnum’s launched the film #NOTAVAILABLEINTHEMETAVERSE:  a cinematic-science fiction-like movie campaign in which we see a virtual avatar trying to escape her virtual world by being transported into the real world using a home-made VR goggles device. Sadly, when a Magnum Ice cream is presented to her, she can’t bite into it because it’s not enjoyable in the virtual world. The film closes with the line «Not available in the metaverse,» sending a

straightforward message that some things (like ice cream) can only be enjoyed in real life. To launch and amplify #NotAvailableInTheMetaverse, Magnum has partnered with carefully selected virtual influencers who have posted images of themselves wearing the VR goggles on their social channels, explaining how they wish they could escape the metaverse to experience some of life’s real pleasures.

“Magnum has a problem with the METAVERSE—You can’t enjoy ice cream there.”

“Magnum tangible taste.”


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+363M social reach

+70% positive sentiment
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