How we mixed the two FC Barcelona colors to create a new official one.

FC Barcelona has a worldwide attendance record for a female football match. It has raised the two times Ballon d’Or winner Alexia Putelles and won several tournaments, including the Women’s Champions League. For its commitment to women’s soccer, FC Barcelona Femení has become the best female team in Spain, but also one of the bests in the world. Equality is in FC Barcelona’s values.

And at LOLA Mullenlowe, we also demonstrate it is on its colors. For International Women’s Day, we launched «Equality is in our colors.» We mixed liters of blau and grana to create Purple Barça, a color to defend equality .Because there is nothing more beautiful than being able to fight for the convictions you love with the colors of the team you love.

“An analogy between the team’s success and the union of the Club’s original colors”