A mermaid tells human women why they shouldn’t smell fishy down there

Bacterial vaginosis’ main symptom is a fishy smell coming from the vagina in fact! only 4% of women seek treatment because they feel embarrassed to talk about it.No one knows what a fishy smell is like better than a mermaid so we casted one to talk with humor and charm about not feeling self-conscious because the symptoms of vaginal flora imbalance and how to treat them in time.

We have approached a difficult topic by being cutely honest with a mermaid who recognizes that people with vaginas aren’t intended to smell fishy. Instead, the campaign shares a message to free us from the barriers of discomfort and embarrassment and to talk about natural things in a natural way.

LOLA MullenLowe’s new work for Gyno-Canesbalance is a great example of making a difficult topic not just more comfortable but in fact downright charming.


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