Pescanova makes fun of just how ugly their langostinos are by reimagining a classic song.

Christmas time is synonymous with eating prawns in Spain, especially high-quality ones. In fact, 40% of all the prawns sold are sold during this time. With that in mind, Pescanova wanted to make sure their Rodolfo prawns were top of mind during this season. That’s when we realized that although the “mustache” of Pescanova’s Rodolfo prawns has become a sign of their top quality, it also makes them look so… ugly. We were onto something.

“Look how ugly, but look how tasty” was born. It is a fun but brave statement that admitted that our Rodolfos are quite ugly and tasty. And of course, to deliver this message, we couldn’t just say it, we had to sing it by remaking the classic “Look how pretty you are” by Antonio Machín, and turning it into “Look how ugly you are”. To top it all off, we added a special cameo from Risto Mejide, a celebrity known for being one of the harshest critics in the media circuit.

“One of the most original Christmas spots”