The first indoor campaign ever. 

During the pandemic, social networks became the window through which to access any type of content, be it movies, series, art, or even advertising. At Lynx, we wanted to take advantage of this and launch a campaign that would revolutionize influencer advertising in the UK. How? With Indoor Ads.
We created a system in which anyone, simply by having

an Instagram account, could become an influencer for our brand and get paid for it, without even leaving their home. To do so, we developed a set of indoor supports—Banners in the shape of cushions, Mini Bus Shelters for the fridge, and Indoor Billboards—for our new influencers to share on their social networks.

“Lynx is paying people to use their homes as media”


· 4 million people reached
· €1.3 Million in Earned Media

· Sold out in one day