How a dress made of Magnum Vegan’s raw materials made it into the world’s most exclusive runways.

For the launch of Magnum Vegan, the idea was to give a new purpose to the major waste in the chocolate industry: the cocoa bean husks. That’s why Magnum partnered with the fashion designer Iris van Herpen, renowned for her innovative fabrics made of fully organic materials, to craft a piece inspired by its 100% plant-based indulgence. The result: the first haute couture dress made of Magnum Vegan’s raw materials.

The Vegan Dress was launched in the most important event in the fashion agenda, Paris Fashion Week, with an unmissable stunt. Then, it traveled all the way to London, where Canadian model and worldwide beauty icon Winnie Harlow wore it to the British Fashion Awards. And once again, the Vegan Dress caught all the eyes.

A mind-boggling vision of the future.


+ 2.8M Billion media reach 
+5,7M in earned media 

+460 Media outlets
+12% Global sales