How we gave Dante Alighieri the pleasure he never had for his 700th anniversary.

For Dante’s 700th anniversary, Magnum Italy was going to launch an ice cream line based on his most important piece: The Divine Comedy. For the launch, Magnum tasked us with creating something unique that had the potential to tap into the very fabric of Italian culture, all while building around the brand’s core positioning: pleasure.
We commissioned Roberto Ferri, the pope’s portraitist,

to give Dante the pleasure he never had: kissing his muse and one true love, Beatrice. “The Kiss of Beatrice” is more than just a painting, it’s a journey filled with hidden meanings and symbolism. It was first exhibited at the Palazzo Firenze in Rome for a month, today, it’s found its permanent home at Scuderie del Quirinale, one of Italy’s most important museums.

“Magnum reimagines history”


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