Let’s Wash Away the Taboo Let’s Wash Away the Taboo

The world’s #1 laundry detergent brand faces the toughest stain of all

Persil –the number one detergent brand in the world– believes stains are key for people’s growth. And one in particular marks the beginning of a new chapter in life: period stains. The brand’s global research revealed that this is the most frequent type of stain in the world. But still, 72% of people who bleed feel embarrassed about them.

Our campaign aims to address the stigma around these stains and help normalize them. For this, we invited anyone menstruating to be part of a shoot displaying their own period stains. The campaign also included an exhibition and a book featuring the photographs and people’s real stories with these stains. Because the stain is not the problem, let’s wash away the taboo.