Repositioning the world’s number-one tea brand and giving the category a much-needed facelift.

Put your pinkies down and the volume up. When Lipton, the world’s number one tea brand, asked us to help them with their new positioning, we knew this was a chance not just to revamp the brand but the entire tea category. With “Good shines in. Good shines out.” we were looking to add some energy and rock & roll to one of the world’s most traditional drinks.

The launch film starts in the heart of Kenya, where we see what makes this place the perfect one to grow tea: constant sunshine, daily rainfall, diverse wildlife, the perfect elevation, and of course, the farmers. Then things take off on a frenetic trip, showing tea drinkers from all walks of life. A significant departure from the usual people we see drinking tea.

“A revamp that presents the traditional drink in a contemporary manner.”