We encourage families to do their fair share of washing the dishes over Christmas time.

The Christmas holidays bring together all the traditions we love: family gatherings, granddad stories, toasts, hugs, gifts, and lots and lots of food. But who is in charge of washing up after all of this fun? Typically, guests tend “wash their hands» instead of washing the dishes and leaving the house host to deal with it.
To change this, we addressed the problem humorously,

launching an awareness message. During the spot, a
group of discourteous dinner guests makes dubious excuses to avoid doing the dishes. As the spot closes, a VO says, “If you’re going to wash your hands, do it whilst washing the dishes,” encouraging us all to be kinder and work together this Christmas.

“ Bad-mannered dinner party guests who attempt to ‘wash their hands’ of the responsibility of helping out with the washing up.”


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