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Plátano de Canarias

From the ashes reborn

The Challenge

To create a Christmas campaign giving a message of wellness and hope to all people from Islas Canarias, Spain. 




Plátanos de Canarias.

Plátano de Canarias presents its new, most heartfelt Christmas campaign in the face of what, unfortunately, has been one of the most relevant events of 2021.

The campaign "From the ashes reborn" has been created from one of the symbols of the volcano's eruption with which the inhabitants of the island and all La Palma banana producers of the Canary Islands have had to live day: actual ashes from the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

With more than 1,300 homes lost or damaged, hundreds of families have lost their home and livelihood, thousands of small businesses closed, including their main social and economic engine,  Plátano de Canarias, the re-building of the island of La Palma will require the commitment and support of Spain throughout the years.

Canarian singer Rosana altruistically wanted to join the rebirth of the beautiful island. In Rosana's words: "As a Canarian, this campaign touched my heart since I heard Luis about it. It makes me happy that my music helps share a message of hope to all the people of La Palma for a product as crucial as the Plátano de Canarias. I am sure that with everyone's help, we will be reborn from the ashes. "

The campaign recreates through animation and images made with actual ashes from the Cumbre Vieja volcano, a story in which the island of La Palma and its people are the protagonists. It is a story of overcoming, courage, and hope. The ashes symbolize a future where La Palma will be reborn from the volcano eruption.

"We took the challenge" we wanted to create a memorable tribute campaign for all the people from La Palma. We couldn't think of a better tribute than a campaign made with the volcano's ashes, as a potent symbol of hope and reconstruction," explain Manu Castillo and Enrique Torguet, associate creative directors from LOLA MullenLowe, under the executive creative direction of Tomás Ostiglia.

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