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Be true to your pleasure

The Challenge

Be True To Your Pleasure puts a spotlight on the ways one unique group of individuals embrace their personal pleasure in a courageous way. The story is told in an effort to inspire and encourage all people to be true to their own version of pleasure. The film tells the story of three inspirational drag queens that embrace the opportunity to indulge their personal pleasure, being true to what matters to them.

We are thrilled to be launching ´Be True to Your Pleasure´ as a beautiful illustration of Magnum’s philosophy. Everything we do at Magnum is about inspiring, enabling and daring people to take that moment of pleasure for themselves. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you take pleasure in; this film has been created to inspire you to seize it. Indulge it. Most of all, enjoy it.”, says Sophie Galvani, Global Brand Vice President – Magnum at Unilever.

Be True To Your Pleasure stars famed entertainer and recording artist William Belli, as well as Gregory Woo and James Charis. The film was shot in Los Angeles by award winning director Martin Werner and produced by Propaganda/Bacon with music by Big Sync Music.






25 January 2016



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