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PG Tips

Have you made the switch?

The Challenge

As the UK’s largest producer of tea bags it is PG Tips' responsibility to lead the mainstream black tea industry on this important change.




PG Tips.


Nov 2020

Our latest campaign for PG Tips is for a truly great cause - the future of our planet.

PG Tips is the first major tea brand to make the switch to biodegradable tea bags across its entire range. 

This heart-warming story aims to encourage more people to make the switch to a more sustainable choice and ultimately reduce the impact of waste on our planet. This is especially important given that shoppers are now five times more likely to buy sustainable products and are demanding a cuppa that not only tastes good but does good for the planet.

The 30 second TV ad with sustainability at its heart follows a young girl hosting a tea party where she tells her toy companions how each small sustainable choice can make a big difference. Not only does it highlight the confidence and ease younger generations feel about accepting change and the positive effects that come with it, it also touches on the benefits of ‘sharing a cuppa’ together.



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