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The Challenge

Making ice cream relevant in the winter requires beauty, magic and the inspiration to seek life's simple pleasures.


Outdoor Advertising.




January 2021

This winter, Magnum has teamed up once again with acclaimed French illustrator Thomas Danthony for its latest campaign. Pleasure and comfort have become priorities and winter is now as good a time as any to find a moment to indulge.

Following his award-winning “Pleasure Icon” series in 2018, Danthony brings to life the joys of the winter season while seamlessly integrating the iconic Magnum shape into the scene.

The ice skating image will be displayed on a large scale OOH at St. Lazare station in Paris starting January 25th, to remind us that pleasure is never far away, no matter what time of the year it is.

Thomas Danthony is a French artist based in London. His work is characterized by simplifying shapes to their essence and he has exhibited his work around the world in London, Paris, Berlin, Seoul, New York and Los Angeles.

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