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XXL Towels

The Challenge

2020 will be an unforgettable and challenging year and while we are learning to live in this new normal we must try to find ways to enjoy moments of pleasure without sacrificing safety. 


Product Innovation.




August 2020

Together with Magnum, we've launched a collection of giant beach towels to encourage social distancing with style

Each beautifully designed towel measures a whopping 3x3 meters (10ft)! 

The collection combines the practicality of a beach towel, or for urban dwellers a picnic blanket, with new modern and stylish art work created as part of Magnum’s #TrueToPleasure campaign which partners multi-platinum singer, songwriter and activist, Halsey. The beach towels enable two people to be comfortably seated while still maintaining a safe distance of at least 2 meters, enabling them to keep the pleasure and keep the distance.

Magnum has a long heritage of working with creative disruptors and has partnered with both established and up and coming talent, championing trailblazers across fashion, art and culture. The unique designs created by artists Karan Singh (@madebykaran), David Vanadia (@davidvanadia) and Quentin Monge (@mongequentin) draw inspiration from the iconic silhouette of the Magnum ice cream and remind us to take pleasure in coming together this summer, in a safe and socially distanced way.

The towels are available for purchase HERE.

See you on the beach!



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