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Konnichiwa / Butterfly

The Challenge

Pleasure Tales by Magnum is an ongoing anthology of animated short films connected by one common thread: the pursuit of true pleasure.


Branded Content.




Feb 2021

In our latest creative endeavour for Magnum, we've created original anime series that will premiere at the Japanese Film Festival.

Magnum created these stories as an ode to unique moments of human pleasure. Developed by a collective of artists, the animated films celebrate the diverse perspectives and experiences of today’s society. The stories hope to act as a reminder that the search for pleasure is uniquely human and just as all humans are different, all pleasure is different.

Magnum and LOLA partnered with Powerhouse Animation Studios, creators of Castlevania and Seis Manos, to  bring to life two stories through anime. Both stories offer unique expressions of the joy of going after what brings you pleasure, no matter who you are or what you take pleasure in.

Pleasure Tales by Magnum adds to Magnum’s long history of championing art as in previous collaborations with renowned artists like Brendan Monroe and Thomas Danthony.


Each of these carefully crafted films contain ‘Easter eggs’ referencing the iconic Magnum silhouette, subtly integrated into each story to remind us how pleasure is there for the taking, you just have to seek it out.

Plátanos de CanariasFree Bananas for Life