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We wish you a Normal Christmas

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TOUS wishes you a Normal Christmas

After 100 years of celebrating Christmas, this year TOUS is wishing the best that can be wished in times like these, that it can be normal or as normal as possible. The people, traditions and times that make Christmas special are indeed a celebration of life, and they are all still around.

“We wish you a Normal Christmas” is a concept that turns our idea of a “Merry Christmas” into something with a far wider and empathetic context in the current situation we are experiencing in a year in which we have all been in the same boat. 

“I think everyone at some point has wished that things would just go back to normal this year and as much as we want Christmas to be a special time of year, we now appreciate that if it’s normal then that is something to celebrate.”  Néstor García and Nacho Oñate, Executive Creative Directors.


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