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Toys “R” Us

Santa Stay Home

The Challenge

Toy "R" Us has a very clear mission: to take good care of one another this Christmas so that we can all enjoy ourselves. To take this on in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, the toy store has a peculiar proposal. This year, even Santa Claus should stay home.




Toys R Us.


December 2020

It's been quite a year and we've all realized that the most important thing is our health and safety. That's why this Christmas, Toys “R” Us is asking Santa to stay home

The idea revolves around a letter from seven-year-old José, who is concerned about Santa Claus this year and doesn’t want him taking any unnecessary risks. So, as true experts in toys, the company offers to deliver the gifts this Christmas.

To fulfill this enormous task, Toy "R" Us has reinforced all the safety and hygiene measures in its stores and has optimized its online store and delivery system to offer families an alternative 100 % safe, but just as magical.

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