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The Challenge

Create a campaign that will help reinterpret the one-hundred-year-old brand Tous.





LolaMullenlowe Barcelona and Tous launch "Made of Tous."  

The campaign comprises three different videos created by three artists who have put their artistic point of view into this campaign—the reinterpretation of the essence of the hundred-year-old brand. 

 The campaign was launched December 1st, 2021, and will be live in all countries where TOUS is present. 

 The campaign will appear in audiovisual, digital, and written media in countries in which TOUS is present. The “Made of TOUS” campaign is a clear move towards creativity and has been developed by LOLA Mullenlowe Barcelona.


Magic Nature. Nur Casadevall offers up an electric, dreamlike journey in which the colors blue, water, light, and music take us on a voyage in search of harmony.  

Oursin. Bàrbara Farré, with her unique and delicate visual style, gives us all the emotion of a true love story. 


 Turbo Chakras. The MANSON invite us on a stroll around Barcelona, where energy transforms everything. 


Néstor García, Executive Creative Director at LOLA Mullenlowe Barcelona, mentions: 

"It has been a pleasure to collaborate with an international company such as TOUS. From the outset, we knew that we wanted to portray TOUS through one of its most well-known attributes, but we have done it creatively. We have shown that TOUS is an unfettered jewelry company, free of labels, that can go about the world fearlessly, making campaigns as creative as this one. "Made of TOUS" has been one of the most successful campaigns we have dealt with, the main challenge of managing such creative freedom. Despite this, we are wholeheartedly proud of the final result". 


Rosa Tous, Vice President of TOUS, communicates: 

"Being a one-hundred-year-old company is a symbol of legacy, but also of adaptation. At TOUS, we are continuously working to shape our story by being true to our DNA at the same time as looking for new ways to connect with our customers and society as a whole. With this objective, we have launched this special campaign in which we back talent and creativity.", 


Anaïs Durand, TOUS Marketing and Communication Director.

"Made of TOUS," in which, starting from the same point, the TOUS box, an iconic element of the brand, symbolizes the starting point from which three different worlds are born. These points of view show TOUS's infinite nuances and help us connect with diverse audiences through creativity and inspiration. 


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