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Toys “R” Us

Playing is a gift

The Challenge

We all struggle to meet expectations and more so around the holidays, but we can help remind people about what is truly important.




Toys R Us.


December 2019

Playing is a gift

Toys “R” Us is back this holiday season with a charming new spot with a twist. As we get wrapped up in buying presents, this film emphasizes the new claim that Playing is a gift. The current pace of life, work and obligations gives us less time to enjoy, share and play together as a family. Toys “R” Us wants to rescue the values of playtime for everyone, even Mr. Claus.

The spot shows a busy Santa working hard on Christmas eve. As the night is coming to a close, he realizes he forgot something: a scenario that happens all too frequently in each of our lives today. The idea that we stress about the holidays and struggle to meet expectations is something all of us can relate to, but Toys “R” Us puts the focus back on what really matters: that playing with your loved ones is the real gift.


Today, much more than just toys, Toys “R” Us is promoting the value of playing, and they are proving it with their new store concept. Customers will experience playing and enjoyment as soon as they walk through the door and will be able to see and interact with every toy for sale in a store where it’s “Forbidden not to touch.”

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