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Houses like their owners

The Challenge

How do we appeal to a wide audience while remaining authenthic.






Nov. 2018

 Houses that are just like thier owners is the new campaign for Conforama from LOLA Barcelona. 

Simple and charming testimoniolas tell the stories of how our homes are a relfection of who we are. Conforama is the second largest home furnishings reatiler in Europe and is famous for it multi-style offerings. With this campaign, Conforama lets you adapt your home to your personality. 

"Last year we presented a new point of view for the brand, this year we wanted to take it a step further and focus on the uniqueness of people. Our goal is to offer people possibilities, not to be satisfied with what they find, but to find what they are looking for," says Néstor García and Nacho Oñate, executive creative directors of LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona.

See the full campaign through this link to the playlist on YouTube:


LOLA Wins Big!

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