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God's Handwriting

The Challenge

To create something memorable on the one-year anniversary of Diego Maradona's passing.






November 2021

Maradona was an absolute genius that reveled in the magic of football. No moment proves it more than the “Hand of God" - the legendary goal that made history at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

The “Hand of God” inspired an entire nation. A hand that is a true legend.

A hand that signed millions of shirts and wrote thousands of dedications.

This hand continues inspiring us today, a year after his death, through his handwriting, and now, his own typography.

Panenka, the magazine about football, has published its latest issue entirely dedicated to Maradona, using his own typography to edit this special edition: from the Hand of God to the letter of God.

A unique typography which has been reconstructed from thousands of signatures and dedications made by Maradona.

A typography that is available at here, for all those who want to pay tribute to the number "10".

For Alex López, managing director at Panenka:

“Maradona never stopped surprising the entire world and for this special tribute issue we had to do the same. The letter of God sums up that magic that Diego had and that is still alive"

Nacho Oñate, Executive Creative Director of LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona, the agency behind the idea, says:

“We wanted to do something really special for Maradona´s first anniversary. Something that will remain in the memory of all soccer fans and also encourages people to read Panenka.

The results: 

Making it the best-selling and most successful edition in the history of Panenka:
1.8 million euros earned on average
A typography that people used in networks to pay tribute to him on the 25th of November,
From anonymous fans to the most important Argentine rock band "Ciro y los Persas"
Even an account we never imagined: Diego's own Instagram account.



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