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Junio 2018

This year, football will not be the same. With the release of "Vamos Campeones" (Let’s go Champs) - a special edition for football lovers - the motto "Rexona won’t let you down" has never been more relevant.

Rexona, the deodorant brand, has placed a Spanish football legend at the center of it’s communication. The now famous "do a Camacho" ends this year.

The goal is to connect men with football in an emotional way and to address all their fans. And, in Spain, if we mix: football and Rexona, only one name comes to mind: José Antonio Camacho.

During the campaign, we can see Camacho as a sports journalist with the same emotion as always, but with a shirt without visible sweat stains for once. The campaign will have digital support and the different versions of the spot will appear based on how Spain plays this year.

The product innovation for Rexona this year is a new packaging that represents the colors of the football shirts of each country where Rexona is present.

The creative agency LOLA MullenLowe in Barcelona is  responsible for the campaign. The spots will appear on social networks according to the results of the matches in Spain. See the spots below.







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