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Sabores del mundo

The Challenge




What happens when you make up countries and ask people about their traditions? 

Well, you got it! Pescanova had the great idea to invent three countries and went out to interview people about them.  Funny, right? The funniest part is that some people actually believed it. 

In the series of three clips: Tartalia, Carpaccia and Cervichia found below you get to see how people react when asked. Pescanova wanted to find a way to advertise their tartar, ceviche and carpaccio. We put our brains to work. Tomas Ostiglia, creative director for Pescanova says: 

"We are delighted to be working with Pescanova and allows us to be creative and unexpected for the audience. We create content that will stick to people's mind. We are happy to come up with something shareable and memorable"

We are sure you will enjoy these and you'll have a laugh. Maybe, one day we'll meet at Tartalia. 

Grefusa #SoloPasaConPipasG

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