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The Queen´s message

The Challenge

Our challenge was to take Pescanova from a product participant in national culture to a brand moves people.






December 11th, 2017

This holiday season Pescanova is taking advantage of the important tradition of the King's televised message, and the social context at this moment, to launch its Christmas campaign; “The Queen’s message".

Pescanova is a brand that is very present during Christmastime, specifically thanks to the traditional consumption of shrimp, which is a must have treat at every table this time of year. (as quintessential al the tree itself!)

Instead of just providing a key ingredient for the festivities, it goes a step further, firmly placing itself within the equality discourse and giving a voice in favor of women and their role in society.

So, for the first time in 42 years, there will be a Christmas message not given by the king, but by many women who will have the opportunity to transmit their thoughts for 2018 to be a more equality driven year.

The campaign features 15 real women and it seeks to empower and inspire women, raise awareness and sensitize men. In short, to drive a conversation and ultimately help achieve equality.

The campaign will also have a digital element with the site, a website where all women and men may record their own Christmas messages and share them on their social networks.

See the work here

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