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Post of the Whopper

The Challenge


With the recent arrival of Burger King’s Instagram account, we wanted to celebrate in a way that such an occasion deserves. For 6 hours, we gave all new followers a personalized message through the use of Instagram stories. Yes, messages for more than 600 people over 165 stories. 

Going into the weekend, we didn’t feel like stopping the celebrations. We built a massive display so that our followers could eat a Whopper inside of an Instagram post. We set up the event in a very busy part of Madrid’s city centre. We handed out Whoppers to those who attended and gave them the opportunity to get a photo in the first restaurant inside Instagram. 

The results in numbers were as follows:

  • We received more than 3,000 private messages thanking us and welcoming us to Instagram.

  • More than 11,000 participants on the event day.

  • After 6 hours of the event, Burger King already had 15,000 followers.

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