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Time to Live

The Challenge

To approach this particular moment in time with grace and tenderness, we created a song that reminds us, that no matter how difficult living confinement was, at home we felt closer together than ever. Now it's time to go out and live, but without forgetting what is waiting for us at home.


Digital Advertising.


Kraft Heinz Orlando.


June 2020

Gradually life is returning to normal, people are going out more frequently and whole days spent at home are being left behind. However, over these past few months we’ve learned how much we appreciate our homes, our havens, where unforgettable moments also happen.

Music and cooking have been two major allies for so many people during this confinement. Little pleasures like cooking while listening to your favorite band has been one of the most cherished moments for many. But those entire days spent at home watching series or movies, those hours in the kitchen or those eternal video calls with family and friends are slowly fading into the background. Now it's time to celebrate the gradual return to our routines. To walk in the park, visit shops and restaurants and to spend time outside.

Time to Live, is a digital spot by the creative agency LOLA MullenLowe that reflects both visually and acoustically, how our days spent in isolation were paradoxically when we felt more together than ever.

The original melody is by Luisa Corral, a musician and advertising creative for LOLA MullenLowe, pays tribute to those days of confinement and our most beloved belongings that will always be waiting for us.

“Orlando's commitment to Spanish homes has been present throughout this difficult time. If we were already committed before this situation, now more than ever, we couldn’t fail those who were most in need”, highlights Elisenda Picola, Marketing Director for Orlando. “We committed right away with donations of over 27,000 kilos of product to different institutions across the country, we organized digital cooking classes with recipes for the whole family and now, this song pays homage to the days of confinement in our homes that reinforces the bond of Orlando with the Spanish people. Orlando is part of our lives and will always be by our side."

“It’s a joy to be able to launch this message in a song that reminds us, with certain nostalgia, that no matter how difficult the isolation was, at home we were closer together than ever. Now it's time to go out and live, but without forgetting what is waiting for us at home ”, explains Tomás Ostiglia, Executive Creative Director of LOLA MullenLowe, Madrid.

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