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2018 Golden Glove Winner!

Scary Clown Night

The Challenge




Burger King Global.

We are the champions my friends !!!!!! 

We are glad to say that we have won the Golden Glove with #ScaryClownNight x Buger King. 

After taking on responsibilities for the client’s digital and social media communications in 2016, LOLA MullenLowe were tasked to produce a big hitting campaign idea to raise the brand’s profile and drive traffic to their restaurants. Our team rose to the challenge and created this award winning global activation for the brand.

With the movie ‘It’ hitting theatres just in time to inspire Halloween pranks, the clown was reborn as one of the scariest characters in the mainstream. Burger King never had such a great opportunity to troll the McDonald’s mascot Ronald. The strategy was clear: take advantage of the context and well-known rivalry to come up with a cheeky and bold publicity stunt. People were invited to “Come as a clown, eat like a king” and Burger King would give away a free Whopper to anyone that came to their restaurants dressed as a clown on Halloween night. On Halloween, the clowns came out to play and the idea took on a life of its own. #Scaryclownnight was mentioned in more than 1100 articles in 40 countries reaching 2.1 billion of earned impressions and a total media value of $22.4 million. But the biggest result of all came from the people.

We want to congratulate everyone involved and thank you to the Buger King famlily for trusting us. 

VAMOOS !!!! 


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