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Canary Island Bananas

We're in style

The Challenge

Making bananas the most fashionable accesory this season, because caring about sostenability and local produccion has been part of Canary Island Bananas since 1878.




Plátanos de Canarias.


April 2021

If sustainability and local production are fashionable, Canary Island bannas are too. The brand is committed to the environment and local production since 1878 and now that it's a trend that all brands want to join, they've decided to really celebrate that these values have always been a part of the brand.

"We are celebrating the heroes of grocery shopping who are unknowingly fashionable because not only are they buying a healthy and accessible product, but they are also choosing a more sustainable and eco-friendly option,"  says Tomás Ostiglia, Executive Creative Director, LOLA MullenLowe Madrid.

The campaign be active nationally on TV, OOH and digital. The protagonists are consumers who choose Bananas from the Canary Islands because of its unique flavor, its origin and its health benefits, but who also know that it is good for the planet.


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