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Mira que Eres Feo

The Challenge

To create a xmas campaign that will continue to be joyful and fun to the audience. 





Pescanova gets involved with its langostinos in its Christmas campaign.


The iconic sailor Pescanova, the Rodolfo'sRodolfo's, and Risto Mejide - amazed at the bravery of the brand in messing with its products - are the protagonists of the campaign.

Pescanova launches a Christmas campaign with an advertisement that recovers the fresh and humorous tone that characterizes it, with a humorous reflection on the appearance of its prawns, a star product that is never missing from the table of the Spanish at Christmas time and that triumphs for its flavor. However, as many of us will have thought at some time, they are not very graceful, and that is what Pescanova has taken as the axis of its Christmas campaign. And, to tell the tale, he has covered the classic bolero of the singer Antonio Machín, "Mira Que eres Linda", for "Mira Que eres ugly"

In the various pieces that make up this campaign, the iconic sailor Pescanova, dressed in his yellow raincoat, sings "Look, you're you're ugly ..." dedicating a romantic piano performance to a Rodolfo on a boat. The famous shrimp interrupts him to convey his amazement - his voice is given by Carlos Blanco, a famous actor for his role in the series Fariña, who gives him the Galician touch associated with the brand. Finally, the sailor asks him to let him finish the song, where he ends with the same ballad highlighting its delicious flavor: "... but look, you're you're good."

This surreal performance does not lack a critical touch, and who better to do it than Risto Mejide. With its usual character, in the advertisement itself, it gives its particular impression about this Christmas spot, questioning what other brands talk about in their Christmas campaigns about being together and sharing. But, instead, Pescanova is dedicated to saying that their product is ugly.

The campaign was developed and produced by LolaMullenLowe Barcelona 



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