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The Challenge

Magnum has always believed that a day without pleasure is a day lost and that we should all be able to pursue whatever it is that brings us happiness. While the barriers that exist cannot be ignored Magnum, in partnership with Halsey, wants to continue to inspire and encourage everyone to be true to themselves.






July. 2020

We've just launched our 2020 global campaign for Magnum ice cream in collaboration with international music sensation, creative and activist, Halsey.

A champion for creativity, Halsey has always believed that no one should be held back. Having broken down barriers across music, art and culture, she uses her voice and platform to express herself, her pleasures and beliefs.

Talking about the campaign with Magnum, Halsey said: “I have always pushed myself and those around me to fearlessly express themselves, and to do what makes them genuinely happy, without fear of judgement or critique. I’m so happy to be partnered with Magnum for this campaign that pushes people to embrace their uniqueness and explore what pleasure really means to them. My hope with this campaign is that it can inspire people to proudly flaunt their individuality, because without self-expression and the amplification of unique voices there is no art, and no artists.”


On 16th July, Halsey will perform a virtual live gig in collaboration with Magnum. The set will see Halsey perform some of her biggest hits, including new Marshmello collaboration ‘Be Kind’, in a pared back, raw and beautiful arrangement. The gig will be available to watch via YouTube and will bring people together from around the world to share in the universal pleasure of music.

To watch the live performance go HERE.

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