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Eat, drink, be merry

Canary Island Bananas

The Challenge

Canary bananas knows they don't really have a place at the holiday table, but it's allright, they'll be standing by.




Plátanos de Canarias.


December 2020

The year is ending and we all just want to find some enjoyment in the holidays while staying safe.

Canary Island Bananas (the best on the world) invites all Spaniards to just go for it and eat everything in sight...except their own product this Christmas. Healthy bananas will still be here when the parties are over and we all take care of each other again. 

“We know that the banana does not paint anything at Christmas and the most sensible thing is to accept it and give our space to the classics such as prawns, nougat or polvorones. We will be here with the flavor of what is ours, when they need us ”, says Sergio Cáceres, Marketing Director of Plátano de Canarias

See the spot here.


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