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Magnum + HBO Spain

Game of Spoons

The Challenge

How to break through the wall ;) to promote Magnum's delicious new pints.


Product Innovation.




May 2019

Game of Spoons for Magnum with HBO Spain

We worked with Magnum and HBO Spain to promote the new Magnum pints and the greeatest series of our time with an outdoor campaign featuring 4 meticulously handcrafted spoons representing the 4 main houses of Game of Thrones. The perfect weapons to attack a delicious pint of Magnum ice cream.

Each of the spoons are based on four of the most iconic houses of the series: Stark, Lannister, Targaryen and Greyjoy. The designs were meticulously created by studying every costume, shield, pin, sword and castle from the series to create the most authentic flatware Westeros has ever seen. The spoons were forged in silver and handcrafted by a skilled artisan in a process that took over a month. These spoons could have been made by Gendry Baratheon, if Gendry made spoons.

A beautiful outdoor and POS campaign displayed the spoons throughout Spain and a set of spoons are currently on display at Moda Shopping an upscale shopping center in Madrid through May 31st.

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