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Canary Island Bananas

Maybe it's not the same

The Challenge

Antes de decir que algo te da igual es mejor pensarlo un segundo y elegir lo que realmente preferimos.




Plátanos de Canarias.


March 2019

Maybe it's not the same

We're happy to share first campaign for Bananas from the Canary Islands since winning the national account. With the message “Maybe it's not the same to you”, the campaign highlights the quality of the product and uses humor to demonstrate that nobody should settle for less than the best. 

The spots are vignettes of daily life that show there are decisions we make daily that might not seem important but that mean giving up our quality of life. That's why before saying that you don't really care, Canary Island Bananas reminds us that it is better to think about it for a second and choose what we really prefer, and when it comes to bananas or plantains, there is no doubt that the choice is Plátano de Canarias.

See the films with English subtitles here and the orignal Spanish versions below.




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