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Burger King

Stories Ordering

The Challenge


Digital Advertising.


Burger King España.


May 2018

Ordering Stories is out latest project for Burger King Spain. We hacked the popular stories feature on Instagram to create a one of kind Whopper building experience. They created 9 stories, one for each of the Whopper's fresh ingredients and invited people to customize their Whopper, by picking their favorite ingredients via polls. Each set of completed polls generated a unique coupon (that we sent through a DM) for people to redeem their custom Whopper at the Burger King of their choice, for free.

The aim was two-fold. To get more engagement on Instagram and to reiterate that you can have it your way at Burger King. Each of the 15 second videos represented a different fresh ingredient: meat, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, pickles, bacon and so on. The tone of the polls was cheeky and sassy making the experience even more fun. But we didn't stop there. We used all the data generated by the activation to bring Spain’s favorite Whopper to life. The InstaWhopper was available in every Burger King across Spain for a limited time.

 Despite being executed with a low-cost production and no media investment, “Stories Ordering” had more than 270.000 interactions with 45.113 unique users engaging with the action for more than 3 minutes.

34.675 custom Whoppers were created the coupons we had planned for 24 hours were gone in under 3 hours and the account grew by 5.000 new followers in just one day.

But most importantly, thanks to “Stories Ordering” Burger King Spain discovered a lot about its customers preferences. According to the data, the perfect Whopper is double patty with cheese (90%), bacon (84%), ketchup (81%), mayo (76%), lettuce (75%), onion (57%) and tomatoes (57%). Pickles was the least popular ingredient being chosen by only 41% of participants. Sorry pickles!

View the case video below.



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