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All Natural

The Challenge

“Con esta campaña queremos conectar con nuestros consumidores y apelar a los valores que han hecho de esta, una gran marca desde hace más de 50 años.” Rosa Alabau, directora de Marketing PAN, BIMBO.






May 2019

LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona wins the BIMBO account!


The agency will be responsible for the communication of the BIMBO brand and the Sub-brands Natural 100% and Craft Style Slice. BIMBO® is one of the largest organizations in the food sector in Spain and Portugal. It recently assigned its creative and strategic account to LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona.


The agency will manage all the strategic, creative and digital tasks of the brand and the sub-brands Natural 100% and Craft Style Slice. Additionally, it will also manage the Oroweat® and The Rustik Bakery® brands Under the concept "There is nothing more natural than being 100% Natural" Bimbo® claims the importance of bread in Spanish culture and portrays, through natural and spontaneous scenes, all those moments of enjoyment that people experience around bread. BIMBO®, which belongs to the Mexican multinational group of the same name, has established itself as a market leader in the categories of bakery, pastry and brand bakery thanks to its strong commitment to innovation and the quality of its products.  

LOLA MullenLowe has extensive experience in brand building in the field of food and has an expert team in consumer insights and business solutions in this sector.   The first works are issued in the following months in Spain and teach consumers the new proposal of the brand.

"LOLA MullenLowe has understood the needs of the brand from a strategic and business point of view, and has helped us lay the foundations for a new communication style for Bimbo®. With this campaign we want to connect with our consumers and appeal to the values that have made this a great brand for more than 50 years. "Rosa Alabau, Marketing Director PAN, BIMBO.

"With this campaign we wanted to give voice to the brand, updating its image and putting in value all those good moments that bread gives us. Bimbo 100% Natural is a product designed for all those who like to enjoy bread. Its versatility makes it possible to be present at any moment of our lives. That's why we did not want to focus on a specific moment or a specific person's style. "Nacho Oñate and Néstor García, Executive Creative Directors, LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona.

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