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Burger King España.

We're just back from another wonderful year in San Sebastian at the CdeC conference. A weekend full of inspiration and creativity, thanks to the great talks and workshops offered by Spain's Creative Club. 

Let's take a look at some highlights.

Fernando Machado, Global CMO of Burger King gave an inspiring talk to a packed house, on how to be a better client. We feel extremely fortunate to count him among onr of our clients.

LOLA won a Grand Prix for Burger King Scary Clown night. A global campaign that filled Burger King restuarants all over the world with scary clowns eating whoppers.

In addition LOLA won several more awards for Frigo Pie, Libero and Burger King Spain.

The jury, chaired by Felix del Valle (executive director of Ogilvy Brasil), chose a total of 198 pieces (in 2017 they were 261) to be part of the XIX Yearbook of Spanish Creativity.

Among all of them, a total of 13 golds was awarded (6 in the Ideas section and 7 in the Execution section: 3 in audiovisual, 2 in graphics, 1 in digital and 1 in experiential); 24 silvers (12 in Ideas and 12 in Execution: 4 in audiovisual, 4 in graphics, 3 in digital and 1 in experiential) and 34 bronzes (21 in Ideas and other 13 in Execution: 2 in audiovisual, 3 in graphics, 4 in digital, 3 in innovation and 1 in experiential). In addition, 198 pieces, including the aforementioned metals and the Grand Prize, have been selected to be part of the XIX Yearbook of Creativity, which the Club will publish next autumn.

Have a look at the Grand Prix winning work below.

Burger KingOnion Blackout

MagnumPleasure Icon