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Plátanos de Canarias

Free Bananas for Life

The Challenge

How to we place a banan brand at the center of a cultural zeitgeist?


Digital Advertising.


Plátanos de Canarias.


January 2021

Youtubers come back!
We created a viral hit for our client “Plátanos de Canarias” (Canary Island Bananas).
Recently it has been all over the news how famous Spanish Youtubers are moving to neighboring Andorra to supposedly pay less taxes. It has creatd a societal debate about freedom and politics.
Placing itself at the center of this cultural debate, the brand decided to offer free bananas for life for any Youtuber who comes back to Spain. As a strong local product and point of pride for Spanish people, Canary Island bananas was appealing to our sense of community.
While the offer was 100% real, the brand knew it would be a long shot that there would be any serioud takers.
The campaign went viral from twitter after one famoud Youtuber who is actually from Andorra but lives in Spain wanted to get in on the action.
For years, Platanos de Canarias has donated tons of fruit to schools and food banks and is committed to helping ease food shortages where needed.


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