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The amount of time Americans spend playing games has risen by 50 percent since 2003, according to new data from the Bureau of Labor StatisticsAlthough the survey doesn't distinguish between types of games, Pictionary is betting that game time will continue to increase if people are reminded of how much fun it is.






Jan. 2018

We´ve just launched a charming film for Pictionary to combat the post-holiday blues and show us how much fun it is to be wrong. In the spot, we follow a regular guy, going about his day with a strange accessory, but then surprises us with a delightful twist.

Pictionary is a word guessing game that has been around for over 30 years and is one of Mattel´s top sellers both in board game and app formats.

“Pictionary is like karaoke; when people get it right it’s a lot less fun than when people get it wrong. That’s the essence of the game and the campaign. We believe that it’s a very unique characteristic of Pictionary that people enjoy and relate to,” Pancho Cassis, Executive Creative Director, LOLA MullenLowe. 

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