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The Hidden Flag

The Challenge

How do you denounce laws that discriminate against the LBGTI community while one of the World´s greatest events is happening?


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July 2018

This is a project that has resonated around the world. Activists, allies, friends colleagues and news media across the world shared this idea with the hopes of making Russia and countries with similar policies, better places for the LBGTQ community.




Have a look and some of the news coverage in the links below.




El Pais


Folha Sao Paulo




In 2013, the Russian government enacted a federal law criminalizing the promotion and distribution of materials in support of non-traditional sexual relationships to minors. Many critics have characterized the law as a ban on the rights and culture of the LGBT community. As the world has its eyes on Russia for the World Cup, the Spanish LBGTI federation wanted to protest this situation by infiltrating the Rainbow flag and defying the current law.

The Federation (FELGTB), Spain’s largest organization for LGBT+ rights, sent six activists from six different countries to Russia. Each person wore the shirt from their home country and together they formed the Rainbow flag. Red - Spain, orange - Holland, yellow - Brazil, green - Mexico, blue – Argentina and purple - Colombia. The project was documented on film and in photos.

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