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Your words, your meanings.

The Challenge





Here at LOLA, we know that the holidays are a time for family. We also know that families can come in all forms in today’s world.

This year, Scrabble, one of the world’s most popular board games, invites us to challenge the way in which we define the word family, and therefore to share a message of inclusion and acceptance. Whether they are made up of single parents, homosexual couples, children or no children, Scrabble wants us to appreciate the value of all kinds of families at this very special time of year.

With LOLA’s help, Scrabble has created a film which puts across this message in a way that is moving and memorable. As Andy Gosling, Toy box director at Mattel, says “Our brand philosophy is very much in line with giving people the freedom to define words as they see fit. This year we focused on the word family and all the meanings people today give it”

Not all families are made up of the traditional structure, but all kinds of families can enjoy their holiday time together this year.

See the film here



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