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Best of the Best 2019

The Challenge

Getting an unfair share of attention.




LOLA MullenLowe.

We are thrilled to share the news that we have ranked as the Best agency in Europe in the WARC Best of the Best 2019.

The WARC Rankings is global index of excellence which aggregates results from across all three recently released WARC Rankings – Creative 100, Effective 100 and Media 100.

The Best of the Best 2019 is not simply the total of the three individual rankings: to ensure performance in each ranking has equal weight in the Best of the Best tables, a weighting for the effectiveness and media rankings has been calculated that inflates their scores versus the creative rankings.

We were ranked among some of the largest agencies in the world, but as a challenger agency we are certainley used to it.

Have a look at the FULL RANKING HERE.  

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