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RIU Hotels

The Ghost

The Challenge

How do you take a possible weakness and turn it into a strength?
This was the challenge we faced when RIU was inaugurating its flagship hotel in a famously haunted building.


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RIU Hotels.

LOLA is proud to present a creative campaign for RIU starring the the most popular urban legend in Madrid

RIU is a premiere international hotel chain that was looking for a creative way to anounce the opening of it's first hotel in Madrid which is housed in the famously haunted Spain Building.

For more than 35 years rumors had been circulating about a ghost who lives in the iconic building on Madrid’s main avenue. The last time the ghost appeared was in 2008 during a series of renovations in the building when a witness told the press that “some construction workers and security personnel swore that a ghost was living on the 14th floor of the building. One worker even decided to leave his job over it.”

But now the ghost can finally rest in peace…with amenities. RIU hired him from the beyond to promote its beautiful new 4 star hotel and now he’s living la vida skybar

History, pop culture and creativity came together in this fun campaign that began with a thread launched on twitter by the comedian Darío Eme Hache (@darioemehache) and our agency in Barcelona.

In addition to the friendly ghost, the RIU Plaza España Hotel has 585 rooms, a gym, an outdoor pool on the 21st floor, a restaurant and a lobby bar, as well as two sky bars with stunning panoramic views of the city that he can gaze at for all eternity. 


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