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Happy Poo

The Challenge

Our biggest creative challenge was to find a really fresh idea that connected with as many people as possible. While we were researching, we found that 93% of people who go to the bathroom are looking at their mobile phones and this triggered the idea. If we all go to the bathroom and we all like to have fun, what better app than one that makes you laugh ‘til you poop, says Nacho Oñate, Executive Creative Director of LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona.


Branded Content.




May 2019

Happy Poo is the anthem of our time

We've just launched the catchiest song this year in a video clip for our client 9GAG - the world's leading content platform for millenials.

93% of people go to the bathroom with their phones, but what kind of content you consume on the pot can have an effect on how you go.

9GAG is the Number 1 app to go Number 2. 

Studies show that laughing helps with constipation and 9GAG, the world’s leading entertainment content platform for millennials, is loaded with hilarious content to help you unload. Take a break from today’s stinky news cycle and the stress of daily life because everyone deserves a Happy Poo.

“We are very happy that 9GAG plays an important role to provide fun, daily content to the world and our users often tell us they’re browsing 9GAG while sitting on the toilet. LOL" said Ray Chan, CEO of 9GAG.

9GAG is the go-to entertainment for your bathroom time. 9GAG has a total of 150 million global audience, including 50 million followers on Instagram, 40 million followers on Facebook, and 15 million followers on Twitter.

To make this idea happen we worked with the trendy boy band Ba$$ilones and animation house Fakestudio.
This hit might get stuck in your head, but it will “get things moving” down below.

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