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Someone had to do it

The Challenge

YOSOY has a clear and forceful mission: to commit to a better way of eating, since eating better is creating a better world. 






October 2020

In such a difficult year it is easy to feel helpless, but YOSOY supports the idea that you can make big changes with small gestures and transform this world into something better.

YOSOY offers vegetable drinks made with the best ingredients and always saying NO to additives, GMOs and added sugars. Their oatmeal drink, for example, is made only from oatmeal and mountain water. Why add anything else to it?

It sounds easy, but this philosophy has been under construction for 30 years. YOSOY was born in Spain as the first company dedicated to the production and distribution of 100% vegetable beverages. From the beginning its objective was to bring more health to the consumers' table, in the end, “Someone had to do it” since consuming more vegetables is good for people and for our environment and this is the objective that moves YOSOY from the start.

The campaign, created by LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona, is a balanced balance between a solid strategy and powerful reativity capable of connecting with committed people in a motivating way.

Néstor García and Nacho Oñate, Executive Creative Directors of LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona, comment: “The world is changing and people have a completely different vision of the future of the planet. Our role as communicators is to help YOSOY connect with people who share its values and who seek solutions without stress to improve the world while enjoying a very healthy product."

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