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PG Tips

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The Challenge

PG Tips is continuing to combat loneliness, now more than ever.


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March 2020

During these extraordinary times, there are many ways to ease loneliness while in isolation. Mental health experts say it’s important for people to stay connected during quarantine and having a virtual cup of tea is one way.

In the UK people drink approximately 100 million cups of tea daily, and while we drink it for many different reasons, PG Tips is hoping to keep people mindful of staying socially connected even when they can’t meet in person. 

For this effort, PG Tips created a heartfelt film featuring real video chats of friends and families who are sharing a cuppa and staying connected. They hope people are moved to do the same and share their experience through the hashtag #CuppasTogether.

Together with their lead creative agency LOLA MullenLowe, PG Tips worked remotely across all teams and disciplines to swiftly bring the project to life while keeping everyone involved safely in quarantine.

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